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tv   Action News at 430 AM  ABC  February 6, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EST

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>> hello here's what's happening on this friday, february 6. >> developing this morning a 51-year-old man was shot death multiple times in sweat philadelphia we've a live report. >> a 13-year-old brought crack cocaine to school putting four boils in the hospital. >> bundle up we're seeing below zero windchills this morning. >> we're seeing the aftermath of the dump truck crash on i-49,
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delaware. near the 12th street exit, the man driving the truck was hurt and taken to the hospital for non-life threaten injuries. no other cars were hit by debris. i'll have karen rogers in just minutes to give you details on the crash. >> first up at 4:31, let's start with david murphy. whew it's cold out there. >> reporter: it is cold, but the winds have died down a little bit. we'll get early sunshine, lack of cloud cover around the region. later this afternoon there's cloud cover buildings back in. we're cold, 16 degrees in philadelphia. the temperature in allentown is all the way down to 6. ten in reading, 14 in wilmington these numbers dropping a little bit before we turn it around later on this morning. the windchills are a factor. feels like 6 in philadelphia. 2 in wilmington, 2 in trenton. and 3 below in allentown.
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so bundle up as you head out. 15 by 8:00, noon, 25. 32 by # p.m. looks like late this afternoon we'll see a high of 33 before 4:00 p.m. before sliding back to 31 by 6:00 p.m. we do have some precipitation coming in toward the day sunday and monday, things are generally improving over the weekend sunday doesn't look too bad and improvement monday, we have good news in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. a lot of changes coming up. a lot happening in traffic at the early hour as as matt and tam said an accident on 495. here we're looking at 495 in new castle county. closed in both directions at 12th street. there you can see the truck that overturned. we would a dump truck that went through the concrete median and rolled over.
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the body is in the northbound lanes and the cab in the southbound lanes, you can see the debris all over the roadway a serious accident as the emergency workers tend to the victim. 495 is blocked at 1th street. take i-95 at your alternate. it depends on how many people this will affect. if it stays here for a while it will be a mess in new castle county. looking live on the schuylkill expressway it's cleared, roads are in good shape no problems on the schuylkill expressway. >> now to our developing story police are searching is for suspects after a 51-year-old man was shot to death at pointblank range in as well as philadelphia. >> eva pilgrim is live at police headquarters picking up the story. >> reporter: good morning, guys, the search is on after a person was shot at pointblank range in southwest philadelphia. this happened just before
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midnight on the 1400 block of south paxton street. police say the man was fired on 17 times. >> we found the victim's wallet. soles there a possibility that robbery was the motive. >> investigators say they found several surveillance cameras nearby hoping that will provide additional information. stuff information built shooting contact police, eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> also developing this morning, one person was injured in an apartment fire in center city. the blaze broke out on the 300 block of south 17 streets. crews knocked it down in ten
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minutes. medics were evaluating a person's conditions on the scene no word on his condition. a 13-year-old boy brought crack cocaine to school. he gave the drugs to the 8-year-old in the bathroom. one of the students sniffed the drugs and another one alerted the school counselor. the 13-year-old mother said her son is innocent. >> my son does not have anything to do wilt else in the clear of this. >> we discussed that a 13-year-old has come into possession of crack cocaine and has the wherewithal to bring that to school. >> all the children were evaluated at chop. they are doing well. >> police said the 13-year-old did test positive for marijuana. a man is facing charges for
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burning his girlfriend's young son with scalding water. he claims he left the bathroom to throw out a dirty diaper. police say the scalding pattern showed he was held down in the water. when it kerr is charged with aggravated assault and other offenses. >> new on "action news," police on long island new york are trying to foimpght what mailed a man -- figure out what made a man go on a bizarre and violent rampage. he stole his housekeepers jeep and smashed it into a home and bludgeoned the family cat and took a knife from the home and found a school bus stuck in traffic. he opened the back door and got in. >> sits down with some children in the school bus begins to argue with the kids, and
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forcibly steal steals a backpack and nintendo. you knew there was something, it was scary. >> police arrested him he has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric valuation. a police inspector called it one of the strangest cases he's had in his career. union members will speak out about a sex scandal involving philadelphia firefighters an par medics. the members will discuss peaskts. aspects of the inspector generals claims of i am i am appropriator >> the measels at another day
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care five babies diagnosed with the disease at this center outside chicago other children possibly exposed. >> many of them are under the age necessary to receive the first vaccination. >> another 14 kids quarantined in santa monica, california after a case of the measels at their day care. these new cases on top of the confirmed cases of measels across country. the rising number prompting a push to get more kids vaccinated. >> we should not wait for more children to sicken or die before we act. >> reporter: california lawing makers proposing to eliminate the personal belief section for parents refusing to vaccinate their kids. a new study finds in most of the states fewer than 90% of before he schoolers get the measels vaccine.
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>> it's not whether kids are vaccinated or not. if they shall be around other children keep them home. autism speaks saying vacs scenes -- vaccines do not cause autism, get vaccinated that's a big step, very helpful. >> reporter: most of the measels cases in the u.s. are linked to the outbreak at disney land. other cases linked to international travel. health sources don't know the link to the outbreak in chicago. >> new information about the trans asia airline flight that crashed in taiwan. one of the engines went idle 37 seconds after takeoff. both engines lost power.
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the plane crashed before they could restart it. divers pulled four more bodies from the river and that raises the death toll to 35. >> president obama's new proposal to go after isis terrorists. he needs congress' approval first. >> imagine this, a boy sure -- survives an avalanche. >> reporter: we're in the single digits. exchanges for the weekend, most of them are good, i'll have the details in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast.
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>> 4:43. the action cam is live at this big traffic story that is still causing problems for folks that are out there early this morning. this is i-495 in wilmington, delaware, where a dump truck overturned on the roadways on one side and spilled all sorts of things that it it was carrying over the other side of the highway. northbound and southbound at
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12th street. i-495 closed at this point. we'll continue to follow this to see when we'll get it cleaned up apparently there's a lot of debris all over the place. >> that snowboarder in romania is lucky to be alive when he was caught in an avalanche. he was caught in it on tuesday when the snow started breaking up around. after that it was a whiteout as he raced down the mountain. all this was caught on a gopro camera. >> he is a lucky man. >> reporter: he knew how to handle that situation. that doesn't always save you but he was experienced. storm tracker 6 live double scan, what a nice way to start out friday precipitation by wise. we had a lot of cold air in place, the winds are not as
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strong this morning, but the cold air settled in, we'll be dealing with this this morning and in the afternoon, as will. the temperatures, 16 degrees, the winds not in a strong out of the northwest at 16 miles per hour. it feels like 6 degrees in philadelphia. if you dress appropriately and doesn't spend too much outside you'll be okay. negative 3 in allentown. 6 in millville. cover up as much skin as you can as you head to the trolley station or go to the car. satellite and radar shows we have sunshine around through the afternoon. later on in the afternoon, we have sunshine, overall it's a good looking day but went to feel that great. the high is 33 today. we'll wait until 4:00 p.m. to get that. high temperatures this afternoon, still in the 20s in allentown, 27 in reading, 34 in wilmington, a pair of 36
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anticipated in atlantic city and cape may, new jersey. future tracker 6 showing you the cloud cover on saturday, looks like saturday will be cloudier and sunny breaks and dry. it will be milder. the change we have for you on sunday is that it looks like it's basically going to be dry now. 2:30 in the afternoon there's precipitation off to the north of us, mainly rain. the reason it's farther to the north, is that the frontal boundary we're looking at being over us, is going to slide to the north. that will get milder on sunday and keep the precipitation off to the north. we'll have drizzle and sleet pellets in the northern areas. as we go get into sunday night monday period that's where we're looking at a stronger wave of low pressure coming in from the west. this looks like it will be mainly rain from philadelphia south, because this warm front should be far enough north to affect that. as we go into the northern suburbs, a wintry mix of rain
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and sleet is possible. of course we're a long way away, the track could strengthen this is an improvement over where we thought we might get snow. not looking like now. 33 degrees. saturday look for clouds to build during the day high of 46. sunday not much precipitation and up to 50. might be drizzle around and maybe a sleet pellet or two up north. monday is day we'll get more intense precipitation, mainly rain to the south and mix to the north and rain and sleet mixing in. 44 is monday's high. now it looks like the whole system is gone by tuesday so we get clouds to sun, high of 40. back into the 30s as we head into the middle of next week. >> the white house said president obama will ask congress for authority to go after isis.
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the president wants to use military force against isis in iraq and syria. a time frame of three years is being discussed. house speaker john boehner warns it will not be easiliy to pass a measure it will be up to the president to rally support from lawmakers and the public. the president's response is in from the brutal killing of the jordanian pilot. jordanians targeted weapons dumps and training camps. the county is vowing to target the militants wherever they are and eliminate them. >> radio shack has declared bankruptcicy -- bankruptcy after
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94 years in business, it's shutting down 4,000 locations. sprint will open mini shops in many of these old stores. philadelphia is among the top five cities with the highest number of zombie foreclosures. that is when the owners of the home that is in foreclosure leave the house before the procedure is complete. wednesday is the release of the january jobs report. futures are mixed but everything was up yesterday. swiss watch maker is launching their smart watch, it will work with android software and link up to the internet.
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we'll be right back.
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dunkin's new white chocolate raspberry lattes and coffees. rich white chocolate and fruity raspberry flavors topped with heart-shaped sprinkles. fall in love with one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> reporter: we have traffic problems this morning and the action cam is live on the scene in wilmington, new castle county. here's the problem, we have this truck, it's an overturned dump truck that went through the
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median wall in wilmington ton 495 blocked at 12th street. we have part of the cab in the northbound lanes and the body of truck in the southbound lanes. gee brie all over the highway. you can see emergency workers out there dealing with this. a messy scene in wilmington, new castle county. if you're in the area, traffic is being forced off and entering later. the action cam is on the scene. if you're in this area stick to i-95 instead of 495. no delays just yet but if this continues to stay out here for a while as volume builds you'll see problems later. this is the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound near willow grove blocking the right lane. an accident in screngen -- jenkintown on wyncote road. >> whitney houston's daughter is still in a coma.
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despite reports you might have seen on social media. the 21-year-old was not taken off life support. clive davis said he has been in touch with houston's family and praying fore her only child. brown was found in suburban atlanta where she was found face down and unresponsive in a bathtub. a family statement issued said bobbi kristina brown is still fighting nor her life. >> a new mexico man bought a scratchoff ticket and realized he won a half million dollar prize. the state lottery said it was an error. if you look at the ticket there's a small mark next to the matching numbers. the lottery told him it was a misprint and it is invalid. >> we believe the statue is
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clear about the game is about matching numbers they need to pay or they are cheaters. >> the lawsuit is asking him to pay a little more than half million dollars the prize. new mexico lottery officials would not comment on the pending litigation. >> it is 4:55. coming up on "action news" at 5:00 a.m. >> delaware state police are investigating a car crash and a moving train. and there's a dog and we'll be back.
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>> it is 4:56 a 6-year-old boy was kidnapped and terrorized for hours. police say it was orchestrated by members of his own family. >> we'll be back. #
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hey everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. friday, february 6, developing this morning. >> a 51-year-old man is shot and killed on the streets of philadelphia we're live on what looks like a deadly confrontation. >> new surveillance video has two philadelphia police officers facing aggravated assault charges. >> accuweather is tracking below-zero windchills for your morning commute. >> we have a big accident on a big highway in delaware. let's look at the action cam this is i-


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